Squid Lubricity Rating

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Currently our rating system works on a scale of 0-100 and is based on time-aggregated data from up to 5 categories: Scar Size, Operating Temperature, Required Power, Maximum Running Load, and Maximum Starting Load.

The equation for all scoring works as follows:

Rating equation.png


  • P = Points
  • i = "Ideal" result
  • c = Category
  • R = Scalar
  • and 100 is the point offset (a maximum of 100 points available)

The 5 categories have a different scalar (R) to determine their scoring curve.

R_c values are:

i_c values are:

Why Pounds per Square Inch (psi) when other measurements are metric? Similarly to Fahrenheit, psi has more convenient scaling for our uses than kg/cm^2 (kilograms per square centimeter). Numbers will be offered in both formats as often as possible.

The final point score is calculated using the following equation:

Rating equation points.png


  • P = Points
  • W = Weighting value
  • c = Category
  • n = Variation number
  • t = Total
  • a = refers to the category number. SLR-3 having 4 total scoring categories.


SLR-2 has been replaced by SLR-3.

SLR-2 used 3 categories for scoring: Scar Size, Operating Temperature, and Required Power.

The weighting values for SLR-2 are:


In SRL-3, the weighting values are:


In SRL-4, the weighting values are: